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The possibility of becoming a social media manager is appealing to many people who wake up one day believing they can achieve it. Everyone claims they can manage their own social media account, but every person has a personal page that does not automatically qualify them as social media managers.

What Will I Learn?

  • The 7 truths of Social media management
  • Getting started as a social media manager
  • How to start a social media management business
  • Where to find clients near you
  • What the job of a freelance social media manager is
  • The primary skills of a social media manager

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This has opened me to the social media world and I am finding interest in it.
God bless you ma

This was very eye opening.Thank you Bolaji

It was very detailed and self explanatory.

Very Helpful and it has enlightened me to understand the basics in social media management

Thanks so much for this. My time was certainly not wasted. Btw, do you mentor newbies?

I love it..thank you so much social media OGA

Thank you so much coach BJ, there is a way your personable self reflects in the video and makes learning easier and interesting.

Very exciting course.

Fast, straight to point, clearly detailed and beautifully done.

Thank you Social Media Oga!

This course was very insightful, it opened my eyes to things I didn't know I needed to learn before now. Thank you for your time and dedication, you are blessed beyond measure!

Great intro classes. Love the short and educative videos you put up to help give us an insight into SMM

This was worth it. Thank you

Thank you so much for this step by step detail given on starting out as a social media manager.
Social media Oga is BLESSED and she definitely knows what she's doing

It really was a good one. Very explanation and straight to the point

I’m grateful for this opportunity, it’s an eye opener to SMM.

This is really beautiful. Thank you for this course.

Good introduction

Hi Bolaji, totally enjoyed every minute of this course. I prefer learning via text and this is the first full on audio learning I have done. Thank You so Much for this.

i really learnt a lot and i am glad i took this course

For a beginner course, it was so value packed ..Thank you Bolaji

It's a good beginning for a starter

I have knowledge of what is expected of a SMM and what is not.

This was packed, thank you

That was some good explaining, I'm going to put it to good use

This is very insightful. Thank you bolaji

The course answers a whole of questions that a starter might possibly have,it's a good one!

This course was excellently delivered, a great start for anyone interested in becoming a social media manager. Thank you Bolaji for sharing practical and very relatable steps all for free. The paid version would definitely be worth much more.

It's a great course. Pointed and explanatory. This course provides relevant details to anyone intending to take up social media managerial career. Thank you ma'am.

This was a great and helpful start point. Thank you

So detailed and insightful. I learnt a whole lot about Social Media Management. Thank you so much for this course

Thank you. I now have a better and comprehensive understanding of what social media management is all about.

I learnt a lot in the course of this training. I learnt the difference between being a social media user( with reference to the sixteen year old) and being a social media manager ( with reference to knowing the professional ways to use each social media platform and knowing how to control an audience.

I loved it, very insightful 🌝❤️

It was awesome.and well explanatory

Loved it...so insightful. I want to learn more

Wow! This was not just insight and knowledge packed, but very relatable. Thanks so much for this masterpiece.

beautiful and well detailed

This is so detailed and helpful for anyone starting out. Thank you for putting this together

The lesson was so interesting and I get to understand what is required of me to do as a social manager. I have always has passion for this but was confused on the steps to take but from what I saw here I think I Know where to start now. It's was a amazing lecture

Wow, so much quality is imbedded in this free course, thanks for giving out to the community. I'd love to learn more.

This course was definitely worth my time. Thank you so much for the insight! SMM well explained. You were born for this bolaji. Kudos!

Great introduction to the social media world, thank you maam


Material Includes

  • Social Media Management Toolkit
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing


  • Pen, Notepads, Blank Page in your note app and get ready to learn for one hour